Wellness Retreats

At Pema, experience a wellness retreat dedicated to our guests’ wellbeing. Our retreats are tailor-made to each guest, aiding in their unparalleled Journey towards Holistic wellness.

Pemawellness-Diabetes Retreat
Pemawellness-pre-post-Natal Management
Pemawellness-High Cholesterol Retreat
Pemawellness-Healthy spine and back care retreat
Pemawellness-Sleep Well Retreat
Pemawellness-Weight loss & Management Retreat
Pemawellness-Pain And Join Relief Retreat
Pemawellness-Yoga Retreat
Pemawellness-De-stress Retreat To Alleviate Stress
Pemawellness-Reversing the heart condition for cardiac issues
Pemawellness-Rejuvenation And Relaxation Retreat
Pemawellness-Metabolic Disorders Retreat
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