Pema Wellness is a place of expansive sights and intricate walks amidst lush flora, where every view points to the Bay of Bengal. Embracing a naturopathic vision, the wellness journey at Pema is driven by the rhythm and flow of nature to revive the synergy between the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental expressions within. It is their consistent endeavour to focus on the root cause and not merely symptomatic treatment for every single guest.

 With naturopathy at its core, a bespoke program customized to suit the respective goals of each guest, Pema’s therapeutic nutrition, daily guided meditation, yoga and healing practices come together to create a holistic experience of absolute wellbeing. Fostering an environment promoting a healthy lifestyle with sustainability thereafter, every aspect translates into an exquisite experience.


The heart of the health resort is the Healing Hub, which features almost 100 treatment rooms offering a huge selection of Naturopathy therapies, plus beautiful spaces for yoga and meditation, a gym, and a rooftop infinity pool for Aqua Zumba, underwater yoga, or simply relaxing. Naturopathic doctors at Pema strive hard to seek the best fit for each guest with tailor-made therapy programs. With over 80 standardized naturopathic treatments, Pema’s experienced team artfully creates the winning combination that actively engages the guest in his or her health.

Naturopathic Therapies & Treatments

Hydrotherapy (colon therapy, spinal spray, hip bath, circular jet, underwater & more)
Therapies (physiotherapy, Thai manual, Balinese, Abhyanga/Ayurvedic manual, salt glow, hot stone, Vibro, deep tissue)
Healing Quartz Therapy (Introducing for the first time in India)
Massages (roller, Swedish)
Shirodhara (third eye oil drip)
Foot Reflexology/clinical reflexology


Water is the stepping stone to inner detoxification as 40 to 60 percent of our body comprises of only water. Water is indeed the very means to communicate with oneself and nature, regenerate vitality and inspire change. Pema’s exclusive hydrotherapies applied at different temperatures bring out deep seated toxins from the body, giving relief from inflammation and pain while rejuvenating the vital organs.
Different types of hydrotherapeutic procedures at Pema enable joint mobilization, pain relief, and the hydrotherapy transitions seamlessly from being a therapy to more like a dance amidst an environment of relaxation and peace.

Healing Quartz Therapy

Manipulative therapies at Pema nurture and renew the link between body, mind and soul under the expert hands of empathetic healers- where healing manifests physically and spiritually. Pema Wellness is the first in the country to introduce the latest Healing Quartz Therapy that uses the healing powers of Quartz crystals to alleviate pain, release muscular tension and promote healing.


The ancient healing technique of Acupuncture revives inner resonance, harmony and balance of the body, mind and soul. Pema’s selection of colon therapies deep cleanses from within to remove toxins, harmful bacteria and worms from the gut for detoxification and gives a feeling of eternal elevation in overall health.

In Summary

The wellness journey at Pema is a unique experience in itself, where all the roads lead to a rejuvenated body and soul. It’s a journey which will improve your life and enhance your wellbeing for years to come. The customized naturopathic therapies and treatments flush out deep-seated toxins from the body and rejuvenate the vital organs and help tone the body like no other.

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