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Yoga is the art of awareness on the canvas of body, mind & soul - Amit Ray

A yoga experience at Pema Wellness leads one to open up to quiet contemplation, mastery over breath and leads the self to be in bliss with specially designed Kriyas.

Constructive and focused Asanas leaves one with a calm mind, rejuvenated senses and a harmony within. Frequent beach side Yoga enveloped in the soulful orchestra of the sea and fresh breeze uplifts the ‘prana’ – vitality.

Promoting and enabling the attainment of a meditative internal space, Yoga at Pema Wellness Resort combines customised and perfectly designed set of exercises to produce a desired impact on the total self. As a spiritual path to holistic purification, a series of postures, breaths and sounds are regulated to work toward the union of mind, body and spirit, leaving one with a renewed sense of vitality and energy.

Leave behind the disturbances that disrupt the rhythm of nature and seek a peaceful state of mind with our customised and specially designed Yoga programs at Pema Wellness.